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Giorgio Azzolini - Big Band - 1971

Big Band, big band ...

Today they appear like a "old fashioned", but these were a great school.
Then when the soloists called Giorgio Azzolini, Eraldo Volontè, Gianni Basso, Glauco Masetti, Giancarlo Barigozzi, Oscar Valdambrini o Franco D'Andrea... well, the past take another meaning.

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Giorgio Azzolini
Big Band

Label: DIRE
Catalog# FO 339
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded in Milan, 1971

Glauco Masetti (alto, soprano sax),
Giancarlo Barigozzi (alto, soprano, bar. sax, fl),
Gianni Bedori (fl), Gianni Basso (tenor sax),
Eraldo Volonté (tenor sax), Sergio Rigon (bar. sax, fl),
Emilio Soana (tp), Oscar Valdambrini (tp),
Giuliano Bernicchi (tp), Nicola Castriotta (trne),
Giancarlo Romani (trne), Franco D'Andrea (p),
Giorgio Azzolini (bass), Pierre Favre (drums),
Bruno De Filippi (sitar on #A2)

A1) Blues Deflection 4:28
A2) Bangkok 5:31
A3) In Good Faith 4:30

B1) Galaxi 3:23
B2) Rangte 3:19
B3) Free Man 7:24

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  1. Mille grazie! Been looking for this one quite a while and had almost lost hope to ever get it.

  2. nothing old-fashioned here...
    prima classe - molte grazie!

  3. volume issues on start of track A2

  4. is it possible a re-up? thanks in advance

  5. Grazie mille !

    Spero continui per anni.....