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Intervallo _ Quartetto di Lucca _ 1962

 Founded in 1957, the Quintetto di Lucca got noticed at the Rome Jazz Festival in 1958 and soon recorded its first album for RCA. Covering all the jazz clubs throughout the italian peninsula, the Quintetto soon became known as one of the best jazz bands in the country and accompanied Chet Baker for several months at the end of 1959. After a tour in the United States, the group parted ways with guitarist Gaetano Mariani and renewed its repertoire as the more modern Quartetto di Lucca.


Label: RCA
Catalog #: PML 10361
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at Rome,

Antonello Vannucchi (vibes),
Vito Tommaso (piano),
Giovanni Tommaso (bass),
Giampiero Giusti (drums)


Side One

1) Quartetto - 9:08
2) Soft Winds - 04:54
3) Night in Tunisia - 07:29
4) Estate '61 - 10:00
5) Gabry - 05:45

Side Two

6) Blues for Carole n°2 - 02:21
7) Like Someone in Love - 04:38

Bonus Tracks:
as before but Rome 1959, Maj 11
with Gaetano Mariani (el. g)
8) Lullaby of Birdland - 02:59
9) West Blues - 04:04
10) Estate '58 - 07:36

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  1. M-I-T-I-C-O Intervallo: cioè TV accesa ma "sospesa"; roba oggi inimmaginabile!

  2. Che bel disco e che bel blog.

    ...e che bel quartetto c'era a soli 21 km da casa mia!

  3. amazing record thanks so much for sharing

  4. Would it be possible to upload the files again?
    I'm afraid these links have already expired.

  5. Telecaricherebbe questi archivi, siccome il collegamento ha funzionato fuori?