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Mario Schiano - A Concert in Moscow - with the Lithuanian Ganelin trio_1986

Mario Schiano guesting with the foremost Soviet Union free jazz group in 1986.
Schiano was one of the first Italian jazzmen to perform in Lithuania.

The man with a mustache, between Chekasin and Tarasov, is the russian's jazz critic Alexey Batashev.

During the same tour, Schiano and the Lithuanian Ganelin trio, have also played in Vilnius.
Info and poster from the Discography of Mario Schiano, compiled by Francesco Martinelli.


Label: Free Records
Catalog #: FRLP00786
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at Dom Turista Concert Hall, Moscow,
9 September 1986

Mario Schiano (alto sax),
Vyacheslav Ganelin (p, synth),
Vladimir Chekasin (cl, bass cl, saxes, fl),
Vladimir Tarasov (drums)


Side A

Part 1 – 18’50”

1) Part 1 – finale – 11’50”
2) Part 2 – second half – 7’40”

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