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The Music of Maurizio Lama _ DIRE LP, 1968

The Jazz purists, probably will not agree with this recording but, in my opinion, Maurizio Lama is one of the jazzmen to remember or, at least, he was another of the many forgotten men of the Italian jazz.

Certainly, this is not a real album, but rather a collection of experiments, a musical notebook from some of the tapes recorded by Lama in the year and a half in which he worked at the legendary Studio 7 of Tito Fontana, just when born the DIRE label.

Anyway, the two tracks recorded with Enrico Rava or those recorded with the trio of Aldo Romano, would be sufficient to ascribe the music of this Roma's pianist in jazz we must not forget.

Roma 1937, September 18
Autostrada dei Fiori 1968, March 18 marzo


Label: DIRE
Catalog#: fo 336
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan, 1967/1968

Side A
Enrico Rava (tp),
Giancarlo Barigozzi (ten. sax),
Maurizio Lama (p, el. org),
Carlo Milano (bass),
Giancarlo Pillot (drums)
Ivo Meletti (el. g. on #A2)

A1. Saint Andrews Blues (M. Lama) - 2:50
A2. Katia Darling (M. Lama) - 2:30

Giancarlo Barigozzi (ten. sax),
Maurizio Lama (p., bass, drums)
plus unknown string

A3. Cosa Diresti Se (T. Fontana) - 3:25

Maurizio Lama (p),
J.F. (Dutch bassist unknown)
Aldo Romano (drums)

A4. Naima (J. Coltrane) - 4:13

Alberto Corvini (tp),
Gianni Zilioli (el. org),
Giorgio Azzolini (bass),
Giancarlo Pillot (drums),
Maurizio Lama (arr)

A5. Generazia (F. Cerri) - 2:50
Side B
Maurizio Lama (p),
J.F. (Dutch bassist unknown)
Aldo Romano (drums)
B1. Solar (M. Davis) - 5:13
B5. Stella by Starlight (Joung) - 5:13

Maurizio Lama (p),
Ivo Meletti (el. g),
Marco Ratti (bass),
Giancarlo Pillot (drums)

B3. Tristossa (F. Cerri) - 2:25
B4. Cose Nude (T. Fontana) - 1:50

unknown set
plus Bruno Lauzi (voc)

B2. Semplicissimo (Lauzi/Tacchini) - 2:55

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  1. Very happy to be open minded. Especially about Dire recordings.

  2. I absolutely love these guys. What a great show. It arrived on time and was in great shape. I love to watch and listen to this group. They are great.