giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Gianluigi Trovesi Trio_Cinque Piccole Storie_1980

I have spoken many times about Gianluigi Trovesi, but his unique sound, his sense of swing, purely European, his particular pleasure for the dynamics, would need more attention and detailed studies of his work.

This is his second album as a leader, always with the trio who recorded Baghèt.

For now, I let the music speak and, if you want, your comments.


Gianluigi Trovesi Trio
- Cinque Piccole Storie -

Label: Dischi Della Quercia
Catalog# Q 28010
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan 1980, July 9, at Studio Barigozzi
Gianluigi Trovesi (alto, soprano sax, small cl, fl, sopranino),
Paolo Damiani (bass, cello),
Gianni Cazzola (drums)


Side A

A1) C'era una volta un ballo 7:45
A2) C'era una volta una piccola processione 3:30
A3) C'era una volta un piccolo cammello 7:55

Side B

B1) C'era una strega, c'era una fata 10:55
B2) C'era una volta un circo 8:40

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