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Gianluigi Trovesi - Baghèt - The First Album

Gianluigi Trovesi born in Nembro (Bergamo), on January 1st, 1944.
His father, a drum amateur and a metallurgical worker, teaches him to play drums – when he is 15 years old he starts studying and playing clarinetto, so to enter the Nembro Band.
When he is 16, he enters the Musical School of Bergamo to better and more seriously study of clarinetto.

He graduated at Piacenza in 1966 and then he started playing alto sax and clarinet in the “dancing”.
In ’67 he becomes teacher of Music in the secondary schools – he enters the “compositions, armonia, contrappunto and fuga school” with Vittorio Fellegara.
He partecipates, in ‘70/71/72, in Bergamo Jazz Festival playing with the local groups.
In ’73 he enters the Cichellero Big Band and gets in touch with the sax player Giulio Donadio.
From ’74 to ’76 he is a member of the Franco Cerri Quintett, playing tenor sax and clarinet.
In 1976 Giorgio Gaslini “discovers” him and invites him to take part to his Quintett as soprano, alto sax and bass clarinet player.

The 1978 is a great year for him.
In Milano he is winner of the Rai Big Band Competiotion, where he enters – in Imola, at the “1° Europa Jazz”, where he plays with the Gaslini Sextett and as a soloist, in very successfull way – he plays with the International Orchestra conducted by Gaslini – he makes two records with Gaslini sextett, for the label Dischi della Quercia, “Graffiti” and “Free Actions” - with Gaslini, he takes part in the most important national and international Jazz Festival.
The critics consider him as the “1978 revelation”.
He makes and prints him first album “Baghèt” solicited by Giorgio Gaslini.


Label: Dischi della Quercia

Catalog#: Q 28008

Format: LP

Country: Italy

Released: 1978
Recorded at “Cinemusic”, Milan on 1978, October 4/5

Gianluigi Trovesi (soprano sax, alto sax, ten sax, bass cl, fl dolce sopranino, launeddas)
Paolo Damiani (bass), Gianni Cazzola (drums)


Side A

A1) Saltarello
A2) Variazioni e Improvvisazioni su un antico saltarello

Side B

B1) Baghèt
B2) Launeddas
B3) Libera improvvisazione su una serie dodecafonica
B4) Studio contrappuntistico

(All composition by Trovesi except Saltarello)

«I played this solo (three variations on a saltarello of 3rd century), on July 1978 in Imola, durino the “1° Europa Jazz Festival”, where I was, at Giorgio Gaslini’s invitation.
And it was some-time later, hearing my performance recording and because of the favourable judgment of critics and public, that I had the idea to make a record. In this record it will take place both my whole Imola performance (in spite of some technical deficiencies) and some trio situations with solo overlaps, these recorded in studio, which I wrote after analyzing my performance, so to reach a better style from the formal, technical and expressive point of view.»

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  1. grazie mille!

    assolutamente una novità per me.

  2. Nice to hear this first session by Trovesi. Thanks and good luck with this new blog.

  3. Fantastic. I remenber having listen to this trio at the time and was one 100% facinated. Grazile mile+1

  4. Hello, im from brasil, and i loved the work of trovesi, and i need to know more him! but unfortunally the megaupload is off, man... Could you givus another link?