venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

Aldo Romano 4tet - Complete Communion - Tribute to Don Cherry - Live 2010

OK, this is not one of my "usual" vinyl, never re-issued and out of print, in fact this CD has just been published, but in any case, I wanted to share it with you for several reasons.

The first reason is that this CD is not for sale, but this has been distributed only in Italy, with the Musica Jazz magazine.

The second reason, probably more important than the first, is that this CD recording a tribute to one of the greatest poets of all music, Don Cherry.

The "Complete Communion - Desireless" project, has been strongly desired by Aldo Romano and Henri Texier, who have played with him, and offers a point of view of two young "attractive voices" as Géraldine Laurent and Fabrizio Bosso, on the timeless music of Don Cherry.

When Francis Dreyfus heard a recording of this concert, and the previous one at the "Crossroad Jazz Festival 2009" in Santarcangelo, he decided to produce a studio album with the same title, available at the Dreyfus, but that, in the fullest spirit of jazz, has major changes, starting with the length of the tracks, from this LIVE.

The third and last reason is that the brilliant and charming music of Don Cherry, is not remembered, and evaluated, never enough.

I dedicate this post to Pierre


Aldo Romano Quartet
“Complete Communion – Desireless”

Label: Musica Jazz
Catalog# MJCD 1229
Format: CD
Country: Italy

Recorded Live at Teatro dell’Osservanza, Imola (BO),
Crossroads Jazz Festival, 2nd May 2010

Fabrizio Bosso (tp), Géraldine Laurent (contralto sax),
Henri Texier (bass), Aldo Romano (drums)

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  1. Prima di mettere in rete un Cd che è ancora perfettamente reperibile in edicola, non credi che sarebbe stato un gesto più sensibile nei confronti della rivista aspettare l'uscita del nuovo numero?

    Comunque sono lieto che ti sia piaciuto così tanto:-)

    Grazie, un saluto
    LC- Musica Jazz

  2. I would like to buy the Musica Jazz magazine with the above cd Complete communion.

    Where can I buy it online?



  3. Thanks a lot!
    Enjoyed Géraldine with the preceeding Romano group already, shall be great to hear this one!

  4. Thanks again.

    AR is a great drummer. Better still, a great musician. Using simple materials to great effect. Excellent touch and sense of rhythm, harmonic sense too.

  5. Hi, could you repost Aldo romano Tribute? I really appreciate. Hug