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Giorgio Gaslini Ensemble - New Feelings - 1966

Surely this record was already on the web, but at this time, is the thing I need.

New air, true feelings...

In fact, I don't understand why I didn't use this to inaugurate my blog.
Basically, everything is born here, or almost.
There's always Mario Schiano ...

thanks to Pierre for reminding me to remember ...

 In 1965 DON CHERRY, after having read an article about me which appeared in "MELODY MAKER", called me from London and then came to see me in Milan. It was an unforgettable meeting for both of us.
A few months later Don arrived at my house with an extraordinary group of people: Steve Lacy, Gato Barbieri, Ken Carter, Daniel Humair and J. F. Jenny Clark. They wanted to hear my recordings and for a few hours they remained silent listening to them.

At the beginning of February 1966 Don Cherry phoned me again and suggested that I immediately make a record together with his group. There were only 48 hours until the appointment arranged for 4 February 1966, 2.00 p.m., at the Studio della Basilica (Milan), with the precise order, given by the record company, for it to be finished by midnight. I wrote this suite the night before, and in the ten hours of recording with ten of the most important Jazzmen of the intemational "Nouvelle Vogue" of that time, I gave life to this suite on record. This was a great event of international importance, and the record had the best review on the American magazine "Down Beat" for being a "five star piece", the best Italian work. Nevertheless, in Italy it passed nearly unnoticed, and rapidly disappeared.

Arrigo Polillo concluded his presentation, which appeared on the record at that time, as follows: "This is a most advanced jazz experience, but with something special in it, because here, for the first time, Gaslini's Europeanism (with its tendency towards a serial composition technique) and the Americanism of the others (both Americans and non-Americans) meet. Thus, at the same time, there is music culture and natural talent, discipline and the uninhibited impetus typical of "FREE JAZZ". And everyone, though remaining faithful to his own very personal language, clearly shows the appreciation for that of his colleagues, from whom he is stimulated and even provoked. This is what happens in jazz, when the musicians collaborating in the production of a work have all come to the understanding of the same truth, despite their coming from the most varied countries, as in the case of these ten people."

On the record of 1966 there is also my personal note in which I point out the distinctive stylistic choice operated here in the direction of "Total Music": "I think that in the close future there will only be one music. No specific kind of music will predominate the others. There will be a synthesis of authentic values belonging to each musical style forming a "UNUM" corresponding to human tension towards a unity of man's multiple powers of communication...."

(original cover)


«Nuovi Sentimenti - New Feelings»

Label: EMI/La Voce del Padrone
Catalog# QELP 8154
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded in Milan, 1966 February 4

This edition is the second print
Label: EMI
Catalog# 3C 064 18036
Format: LP
Country: Italy
issued on 1974

Giorgio Gaslini (p),
Don Cherry (pocket tp), Steve Lacy (sop. s),
Gato Barbieri (ten. s), Gianni Bedori (alto s, fl),
Enrico Rava (tp), Jean-François Jenny Clarke (bass),
Franco Tonani (drums), Ken Carter (bass), Aldo Romano (drums).


Side A
A1) Recitativo e aria – 9’44”
A2) Marcia dell’uomo – 7’24”

Side B
B1) Nuovi Sentimenti – 11’05”
B2) Rotazione – 8’10”

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  1. I have learned A LOT about jazz in Italy from you...

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  3. ciao! come stai? ^ ^ Caloroso saluto!
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    Con i migliori saluti;

  4. Hi... I just wanted to inform you that this recording was re-issued on CD by the italian label Soul Note. It's included in a 2cd compilation of the 1964-1968 works from the pianist. You can buy the 2cds pack for less than 10€ on the site of soul note.
    If you like the music, support the artists and producers who make it again available...

  5. On the advice of the anonymous, I thank him, I deleted the download of this record, because once again available on the CAM web site:

  6. Que fotografia maravilhosa vero?