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Enrico Rava : El Convidado - 1975

Enrico Rava has always loved South America, not only because he lived there or why Graciela, his wife, was born in Argentina.
Maybe it's because in Buenos Aires he has recorded the visionary "The Forest and the Zoo" (1966) with Steve Lacy, Johnny Dyani and Louis Moholo, probably the album that has influenced all the european free jazz to come, or because he truly loved the work of Julio Cortazar, enough to dedicate to him, in paraphrase, the title of his first album as leader, or perhaps, again, because it was a Brazilian musician, the magnificent João Gilberto, who advised him to play only the notes needed, I don't know...

But one thing certain is that: the Latin soul, the darting melody, the bright and silvery reflection of his compositions, to remind me so much throughout the southern hemisphere.

In this recording, released exclusively for the Argentine market, Enrico Rava "El Milagro Italiano", he was invited by the Argentine jazz group AGA TAURA CONFAB, and the music recorded here, explains better than my useless talk ...


Label: TROVA
Catalog# DA-5003
Format: LP
Country: Argentina

Recorded in "Estudios Audìon", Buenos Aires, December 1975.

Enrico Rava (tp),
Fernando Gelbard (el. p. Fender Rhodes 73, Steinway piano on #A2),
Adalberto Cevasco (el. bass, except on #A2),
Néstor Astarita (drums, except on #A2),
Chango Farìas Gòmez (perc, except on #A2)


Side A

A1) Barco Hasta El Cielo - 8'13"
A2) Darn That Dream - 3'31"
A3) Ate Um Dia - 9'23"

Side B

B1) Chico - 15'17"
B2) Enrico Seis Octavo (Enrico 6/8) - 7'12"

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  1. El Convidado was also relesed on CD by
    and it can be shipped worldwide. I would appreciate if you would delete the links that offer it for free.
    Fernando Gelbard