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ART STUDIO - Paralisi - 1981


1974 – This group initiated their activities playing regulary at the Swing Club among other clubs in Turin.

1975 – They held performances at the 6th Memorial Lama; Sordini, Actis Dato, and Lodati resided in Paris for several months recording at Radio France Studios and giving concerts with French musicians.

1976 – A numbers of concerts were given on behalf of the Italian Cultural Associations and Public Entities.

1977 – In February the LP “Art Studio” was cut; In Milan the Festival at Ravizza Park was held and they participated ib the “Piemont Jazz” Festival tour travelling throughout this region.

1978 – In April the LP “Diagnosi” was cut; concerts were given in Paris that May at the Modern Art Gallery, Radio House and the Totem Club; in November they participated in “Jazz Encounters” within the Viottiano Festival in Vercelli along with the Sam River and Chet Baker groups.

1979 – Concerts in Holland and the wellknown Bim Huis of Amsterdam was among them; the International Jazz Festival at Reggio Emilia; the 6th Jazz Festival at Foggia; several concerts in France (Chatenay – Villedieu – Bedfort) along with others in Rome, Padova, Turin.

1980 – They participated in the Iternational Jazz Festival at Padova; the “Italian Avantgarde Jazz Travels” at Brescia; the 2nd Sens Music Meeting in France (an avant-garde festival featuring groups from all over Europe).

1981 – Along with their usual concerts in clubs throughout Italy was the Italian Jazz Festival at Palmi; “Punti Verdi” at Turin; concerts in Paris at Dunois Theatre; and in December the third LP “Paralisi” was cut.

“Art Studio” Drums 2015, February 1977
“Diagnosi” CMC Records 101, April 1978
“Paralisi” CMC Records 102, December 1981
"Presagio" CMC Records 103, January 1984
"Pensieri" CMC Records 104, November 1985


Label: CMC Records
Catalog#: CMC 102
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1981

Carlo Actis Dato (tenor and baritone saxes)
Claudio Lodati (guitar)
Enrico Fazio (string bass)
Fiorenzo Sordini (drums, vibes, percussion)

Special guest
Irene Robbins (vocals, piano)


Side 1

1) ACQUARIO – 15’15”
b) Due x Due
c) Gli Scarafaggi

2) ARIETE – 5’36”
a) La Sfinge
b) Gli Acari

Side 2

1) I MOSCERINI - 4'30"
2) B.C. – 8’04”
3) PRESAGIO – 4’19”

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