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Mario Schiano - Concerto della Statale - 1975

This live concert, recorded 30 november 1975, documents the third evening of the exhibition NUOVE TENDENZE DEL JAZZ ITALIANO - news trends of italian jazz - promoted by the student movement of the Statale University of Milan, with the artistic production of Sergio Veschi, the “future” producer of Red Record.

In the other evenings have played on the stage Patrizia Scascitelli, Guido Mazzon, i Cadmo, Claudio Lo Cascio, O.M.C.I., Gaetano Liguori, Giorgio Gaslini and others.
Also the other two recordings will be published on this blog.

« Born in Naples, after beginning his career in his hometown’s dance halls, Mario Schiano pioneered free jazz in italy at the very beginning of the Sixties, and has been a leading figure on the italian music scene since the beginnings of the Gruppo Romano Free Jazz in 1966. His musical production covers an unusually broad range, from free improvisation to traditional Neapolitan songs, the unyfing factors being his energy, inquisitive spirit, humour and integrity. In addition he fulfilled the function of promoter for the “cutting edge” music when no-one else would try.

After countless concerts and festivals he founded Controindicazioni, since 1988 the most important forum for free jazz and european improvisation. Several generations of italian musicians have by now benefited by his actions and example. He’s a founder member of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, arguably the most important aggregation in italian jazz today, now reaching worldwide recognition for the whole national scene. Many foreign visitors to Controindicazioni or members of the audiences of the Instabile concerts all over Europe were surprised when they spotted him acting in one of the internationally acclaimed movies by Nanni Moretti or enjoyed his after-hours keyboards playing.

Living Theatre performance, Urbino 1969.
The Mario Schiano Trio performed opposite.
Schiano with sunglasses sitting by the wall.

His career includes concerts and records with all the most important european improvisors: Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Paul Rutherford, Evan Parker, Peter Kowald, Barry Guy, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Maarten Altena; among his early collaborators there are Bruno Tommaso and Giancarlo Schiaffini, while later on he introduced such talents as Massimo Urbani, Eugenio Colombo and Sebi Tramontana, to name but a few ».

Extracted from the “Mario Schiano Discography”,
by Francesco Martinelli, Bandecchi & Vivaldi ed. 2000.

The first edition of this discography was published, in Italian only, in 1996. This expanded edition is in English, updates the recordings to 2000 and, in addition to a straight discographical listing, includes occasional comments from Martinelli and the full text of reviews, taken from publications such as Cadence, Coda, Improjazz, and The wire, even the very occasional one from Down Beat! Sprinkled throughout are a range of fascinating photographs which not only support the text but indicate - as always in these circumstances - the changing fashions, particularly through hair styles. In addition to official recordings there are appendices listing 'other' recordings (tapes, TV, radio broadcasts), a bibliography (largely of record reviews) and an overview essay by Martinelli. Indexes are provided. Altogether, this excellent publication should do much to increase awareness of Mario Schiano for those who have not yet heard him.


Label: Edizioni di Cultura Popolare
Catalog#: VPA 103
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1976

Mario Schiano (as),
Roberto Bellatalla (bass), Lino Liguori (drums)


Side 1

1968: Concerto della Statale – 17’00”

Side 2

Really the Blues – 16’00”

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  1. Quanti ricordi; Nuove Tendenze del Jazz Italiano...quando spinsi Pino di Staso - che adesso è un Prof. di mia figlia (!!!) - fuori dalle quinte sul palcoscenico, che gli mancavano le gambe.
    Quando Mario si accorse all'ultimo momento che si era dimenticato di mettere una nuova ancia nel bocchino del contralto, e iniziò lo stesso (!!!), suonando poi nel suo splendido modo con Roberto (Bellatalla) e il caro Lino (Liguori).
    Quando io, che il giorno prima avevo comprato un fender "fretless", non azzeccai una nota intonata che era una (e chi ha quei vinili lo può sentire, ahimè...)
    Eccetera, eccetera, eccetera.
    Io mi assento dal web, tu ci ti rituffi. C'est la vie, un abbracio.

  2. Wow...una lezione di jazz italiano al giorno toglie il medico di torno!!! Fantastico!! Grazie!!! :)

  3. Un altro mostro italiano, mile grazie
    Non vado a dormire, oggi sono qui tutta la notte :-)

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