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Steve Lacy Sextet - FLAKES - 1974

The Steve Lacy Sextet, formed sometime in the mid '70s, was his best known group.

Steve Potts, Irene Aebi (who also happens to be Lacy's wife), Kent Carter, Michael Smith and Kenny Tyler - two saxes, two strings, piano and drums, and a voice. Irene has the voice - we've been working on it for seven years now and we've only done a few things in public so far here and there - it's just coming out now.

I Like '
SCRAPS', we just made in Paris - when it's mixed it will be very good.
I think I'm happiest with that really because it's the most recent - it interests me the most right now, and it came out good.

Also, it's the first one that has a little bit of the voice on it, and it's the first one with the sextet

Just three months later, with the same sextet, Lacy recorded in Italy this 'FLAKES' for the VISTA label.

*STEVE LACY interviewed by Martin Davidson (INTO JAZZ 1974 May)



Label: VISTA
Catalog# TPL1 1097
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome, May 1974

Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Steve Potts (alto sax),
Irene Aeby (cello), Kent Carter (bass),
Michael Smith (piano, organ), Kenny Tyler (drums, perc)


Side A

A1) Weal - 5'45"
A2) The New Duck - 7'45"
A3) Snorts - 6'00"

Side B

B1) Flakes - 7'35"
B2) The Shoals - 9'50"
B3) The Rush - 2'50"

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