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Giorgio Gaslini Big Band Live - GRIDO - 1968

In May 1968, Giorgio Gaslini puts up a big band unique in Italy, and perhaps also in Europe, with great soloists as Dino Piana, Sergio Fanni, Glauco Masetti, Eraldo Volonté and Gianni Bedori, who will interpret his idea of total music, playing songs "that move between contemporary music and the African-American music, incorporating elements that come from the gospel, as the free jazz".

This balanced mix of improvisation and musical notation, the audacity of instrumental voices, the collective / libertarian aspect of the Orchestra, the epic form and, at the same time, the modern themes, and the urgency of the social message, leave a indelible mark on jazz of tomorrow.

The most immediate example is the Italian Instabile Orchestra, founded by Pino Minafra in '90, probably the most ambitious and successful collaborative project that has ever happened in Italy, where Gaslini collaborated from '92 to 1996.



Catalog# BL 7131 J
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at Teatro Lirico in Milan, May 28, 1968

Giorgio Gaslini (piano), Sergio Fanni, Emilio Soana (trumpet),
Dino Piana, Giancarlo Romani (valve trombone),
Eraldo Volontè (tenor sax), Glauco Masetti (soprano sax, alto),
Sergio Rigon (baritone sax), Gianni Bedori (alto sax, tenor sax),
Manlio Palumbo (french horn), Alessandro Ferrero (horn),
Bruno Crovetto, Carlo Milano (bass),
Gianni Cazzola (drums).

Special guest on track #B2, Steve Lacy (soprano sax)

*first print on DURIUM A 77199


Side A

A1) Invention - 5'50"
A2) Il Fiume Furore - 8'42"
A3) All'Origine - 6'00"

Side B

B1) Canto Per I Martiri Negri - 9'45"
B2) Grido - 11'30"


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