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Jam Session In Rome - 1959 - Trummy Young, "Peanuts" Hucko, Billy Kyle and the Roman New Orleans Jazz Band

The Story of this microgroove, recorded in Rome by three members of Louis Armstrong's last band, the "All Stars", with the Roman New Orleans Jazz Band, is very lively and seems to continue the tradition of the adventurous undertakings of the jazz music pioneers.

The eight pieces included in the record have been completely improvished during a long nocturnal recording session, which later became a jam session that continued until 10 o'clock next morning.

This happened in Rome, fifty years ago...


Label: RCA
Catalog#: LSP-10056
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome, Studio del Cinefonico (Cinecittà), June 26, 1959.

Trummy Young (tbn), "Peanuts" Hucko (cl), Billy Kyle (p) and the Roman New Orleans Jazz Band: Giovanni Borghi (tp), Marcello Rosa (tbn), Marcello Riccio (cl), Umberto Cesàri (p), Pino Liberati (bass), Peppino D'Intino (drums), Sergio Battistelli (vib).


Side 1

1) C Jam Blues - 5'30"
2) Autumn Leaves - 3'20"
3) When You're Smiling - 4'15"
4) "To My Friends Louis Armstrong": You Can Depend On Me - 4'10"

Side 2

1) Margie - 2'49"
2) Muskrat Ramble - 4'32"
3) Shine - 5'50"
4) RCA Blues - 7'04"

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