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Giorgio Gaslini Quintet - Live at the Public Theater in New York - 1980

On April 1980, invited by the Public Theater of New York, with the collaboration of the italian institute of Culture, the italian pianist and composer Giorgio Gaslini, together with his Quintet, performed the concert which this double album is the live recording of.

Following the New York public's enthusiasm, many important articles were written on the New York Times (Robert Palmer), on the New York Post (Richard M. Sudhalter), on the Down Beat and on the canadian Coda. During the same period, the Giorgio Gaslini Quintet was to be heard at the Columbia University (italian house) too.

The long program of the concert, here four sides recorded, is like a journey through the complex and rich Giorgio Gaslini's musical and poetic world.

It is not only an explosion of creative and instrumental strenth from the five musicians of the
group, it is also the representation of a precious display of an individual originality within the unity of the whole group.


Label: Dischi della Quercia
Catalog#: 2Q 28009
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded April 28, 1980
at the Public Theater in New York City

Giorgio Gaslini (p),
Gianluigi Trovesi (alto sax, soprano, bass cl, piccolo),
Gianni Bedori (tenor sax, soprano, ottavino),
Marco Vaggi (bass), Gianni Cazzola (drums)


Assalto al Castello - 18'12"

A) New York Song - 5'36"
B) Swing Low, Sweet Charlie - 6'49"
C) Ballo Popolare sui Navigli - 4'44"

Mediterranean Suite - 16'42"

A) Ricerca su "Free Actions" - 9'32"
B) Ricerca su "Mexico City Free" - 7'24"

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  1. come si fa a non amare italia? me lo dica! Grazie caro, grazie.

  2. Sto cercando disperatamente Gaslini 4tet "Africa" per caso? (Ascolto questo dischi, Grazie caro.