giovedì 26 novembre 2009

Gil Evans Orchestra - Parabola - 1978 - HORO HDP 31-32

This is an important LP, for me.

Not only because Gil Evans is among the most important composers and arrangers in jazz, and perhaps is not even for his poetic lyricism or for the wonderful voices of Steve Lacy, Lew Soloff or Earl McIntyre.
I don't believe it's important for the music of Hendrix, that Gil would have liked to play with Miles Davis, and perhaps even because it's one of the greatest projects of HORO label.

Maybe it's just for the title, or for that solitary golden portrait, but I feel that is an important LP for me, now.
I can't say more.

Talking about music is like dancing to architecture...

Those of you following me also on, will better understand what I mean.

I dedicate this post to all the jazz fans who keep alive the discussion on organissimo.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HDP 31-32
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at "Trafalgar Studio", Rome. July 29, 1978

Gil Evans (p., el. p), Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Arthur Blythe (alto, soprano sax), Lew Soloff (tp), Earl McIntyre (trne), Peter Levin (kyb), Don Pate (bass), Noel McGhee (drums)


Side 1

1) Waltz (G. Evans) - 14'22"
2) Up From The Skies (J. Hendrix) - 4'20"

Side 2

1) Parabola (G. Evans) - 11'52"

Side 3

1) Stone Free (J. Hendrix) - 21'58"

Side 4

1) Variation (G. Evans) - 24'01"

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  1. Per Gil Evans non ci sono parole...era ed E'leggenda...
    Buon fine settimana!! :-)

  2. Lacy, Blythe and Soloff make for a fine band. Thanks.

  3. thanx from greece

  4. Hi! Any chance of making this one available on Mediafire? The Megaupload links are dead, obviously...
    I'd love to have a chance to hear this long lost recording.

  5. I am also dying to hear this record! Please re-up to a different host if possible. Your blog is incredible and I am enjoying it immensely

  6. Please, please, please re-up this gem to some other host....

  7. I just found part of it at

  8. thanks fo the re-upload!

  9. bellissimo disco, ma quel "Jimmi" sulle etichette nun se pò guardà, con tutto l'affetto per la meritoria attività della Horo e dei competenti collaboratori del compianto Sinesio

  10. Thank you very much. I wanted to hear this albume since a long time. Simply great music!

  11. Have always loved this LP. A masterpiece no doubt.
    Respect to u.

  12. Thanks for this, it took a little time to download, but well worth it !!!

  13. after listening lot of times, I realise I havent told you how I like it, so many thanks

  14. Grazie per questa meravigliosa musica.
    Potresti postare la colonna sonora di Nero Wolfe con Nunzio Rotondo, ero un ragazzino all'epoca, ma quella musica mi stregava...

  15. The title track "Parabola" was not written by Gil Evans as indicated… the original track came from the "Orgasm" LP by Alan Shorter (the Wayne's brother) recorded in 1968 for Verve.

  16. all'anima del funky! veramente godibilissimo! grazie!

  17. Thanks a lot. very hard to find this one. What a great record.
    Have you noticed the little buzz going all along the tracks ? is it on the original LP ?
    Cheers !!